Wedding: Amanda & Evan

Oakville, a nice bright sunny day with a cool breeze and and two beautiful people who just showed the world what love means; meet Amanda & Evan. First off, I wasn’t the primary photographer for this event. I was actually shooting as second for a good friend of mine, Rhommel Photography. Being the second on this, I never had the chance to do the initial meet and greet and really get to know these two. But what I captured with my camera should be good enough to tell you what these two meant to each other. Not knowing their comfort zones, these images were taken as candid as possible to capture their true feelings for each other.

For me, the day started off by driving down to Oakville to shoot the Groom and his men. I was really early. This gave me the opportunity to scout the area for their pictorial. I then met up with Evan and his men. These guys are pretty cool and relaxed…well, the whiskey/scotch being passed around sort of helped calm their nerves.

At the church we captured the best moments of the ceremony. Interestingly, I’ve never seen this particular tradition where the couple takes a vial each of coloured sand and mix it in another vial. I’ve seen something similar done in a Burmese wedding with water. It basically symbolizes the union of two. It was such a deep and poetic way to describe the union of two people.

We then drove off to the Shell Park to take portraits of the B&G and the entourage. The park was beautiful as it had nice lush greens and a garden. I loved how Amanda & Evan just naturally and casually went on with their day. After the park, we drove off to Bronte Heritage Park where their reception was being held. We took a few pictorials by the marina as well. Again, these two just look naturally great in front of the lens! Almost no directing needed from me!

Anyway, I could babble on forever so I’ll let you to view these images.

Congratulations to Amanda & Evan! Thanks for having us!

Amanda & Evan (2 of 1)

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